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Adult Students


The ESL program is designed to help students who are looking to learn English as their second language, it is intended for those who want to study English for career or social purposes. Students are given instruction in listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills as well as American culture studies.

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Conversation Group

The conversation group provides an opportunity to practice English in a non-judgmental, safe, and fun atmosphere. Helps build adult newcomers’ skills in spoken English and create confidence in speaking – in an informal, respectful, and inviting space.

Online Medical Consultant

Health Awareness

The health awareness group is focused towards making people in the community aware of how they can maintain a healthy lifestyle while undertaking various preventive measures. Increase the value, availability on how to prevent diseases and injury, improve health, and enhance quality of life. The group is centered around enriching lives and keeping our community healthy.

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The counseling group is usually comprised of six to eight people who meet face to face with one or two trained group therapists and talk about what most concerns them. Members listen to each other and openly express thoughts and feelings about what they are dealing with in a safe setting.



Our painting group offers a fun atmosphere for those interested in learning how to paint or who are already painters. It is a great way to show off your talents, try something new – get creative with techniques such as drawing, painting, collage, and coloring. No artistic talent is necessary, bring your sense of adventure and an open mind.



Get on your feet and get ready to cut a rug with members and friends, meet people who share your interests – whether you are a great dancer or have two left feet come and join the fun. The purpose of the class is to inspire movement and creativity within a positive environment.

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This is a non-performance class that explores music of various styles through listening experiences. All styles of music are covered (Konpa, classical, folk, music theater, jazz, popular, etc.). This program includes a broad series of activities that offer an opportunity for ultimate student engagement and content retention.



This is a slower paced class that include Yoga poses focused on alignment, strength building, as well breathing techniques that will offer peace of mind and heightened body awareness, preparing students for deeper practices such as meditation. Poses are typically held through several breaths. Full-body relaxation and balance are the goals - It’s a way to recharge while experimenting with coming to your edge to create some physical challenge.

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